IJosh64 Sprite
IJosh64 with his lightsaber.
Vital statistics
Position Shroomwood co-founder
Age 18
Status Youtuber
Physical attributes
Height About the same as Mario, two blocks in Minecraft
Weight Unknown
IJosh64 is the Co. Grand Master of Shroomwood, along with his friend Schm200 and MarioFan5050, as well as SonicFan13.

He first appeared in War of YoUtube!, collecting a relic star in Bob-omb Battlefeild, as Camjosh9. He was eventually captured by the Clawdes and became one of their victims, but was freed by Schm2000.

His role in the sequel, Rise of YouTube!, was minor, first aiding Schm and some of the others when he was informed people where enslaved by a brainwashed Mario. He later was launched to Star World by Death Trapper 1 and proceeded to gaurd it.

In Super Mario: End of the Internet, he was the main protagonist trying to help his friends get their castle back from the Death Trappers.

Evil Clone -IJosh63

Star World Counterpart-StarJosh64

Ztar World Counterpart-ZtarJosh64

Fourth Dimension Counterpart-IJosh44

Crown World Counterpart-IJosh54

Rainbow Realms Counterpart-6Josh64

IJosh64's color code.

Paper iJosh64

Hammer Time :O