ROBLOX Randomized Skits is a series on the Shroomwood channel based around skits involving ROBLOX and humor. At the end of some episodes, it includes appearances of a miniseries episode parodying a TV Show, Video Gams or Movie, that features other games than just ROBLOX.

ROBLOX Randomized SkitsEdit

The series revolves around a large amount of skits involving the cast goofing off on ROBLOX, based off of ROBLOX Goes Crazy. They usually involve humorous and sometimes satirical humor.

Miniseries Bonus ContentEdit

At the end of some episodes, a bonus miniseries episode is shown parodying a random franchise, and example being Doctor Noob 64 being based off of Doctor Who, that usually span about a few minutes, and will include credits for the ROBLOX episode as a whole and includes other video games besides ROBLOX in them.