SonicFan13 is a co-leader of Shroomwood, and a member of Wiki Revivers. He appears as a protagonist in the KS movie, which is made  by DylanDylan54321, LL573 and other KS members. Currently Dylan is trying to find a spot for him in the series. He is also expected to appear in Adventure through the Forbidden Dimension, and Fall of YouTube. 


  • Zenon The Raptor
  • ThaSheetmon5
  • FreezeFlame22
  • DeathRocket4990 (friendly rivalry)
  • Kiddy Stoppers
  • JakobTheCool867
  • SuperEmiga (formerly dislike, until the "Ware war")
  • Nintendoteen202


  • NafCinos31
  • NafOiram0505
  • Dimentio
  • Starman3 (no longer)
  • "Warebears"
  • Kiddy-the-dragon