This is a timeline of events describing the Shroomwood universe, which incorporated.


  • Unknown: Rosalina sets off on the Starshroom to aid a Baby Luma finding it's mother, and became one.
  • 1962-1981: Mario and Luigi are born, the Shroob Invasion occurs, time travel heavily relies on this era.
  • 1981-2005:Numberous adventures take place, the community's majoroty is born. Super Mario 64 is released in 1996, a cosmic rift opens.
  • 2005: Mario64 was banned from Lemmy's Land and lost his own will to live, but later reincarnates as MarioMario54321 in 2007.
  • 2006: Megaman765 created the first, but obscurley different, Super Mario 64 Bloopers and a fanbase that was the predessesor to the modern community was created. And somewhere around the end of the year, the first SM64 Machinimist other than MegaMan765 joins Youtube
  • 2007: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser saved the multiverse from Count Blek and later Dimentio, MarioMario54321 joins YouTube. Mario saves the galaxy from Bowser. The dopplegangers appear.
  • 2008: YouTube Rangers was founded
  • 2008-2010: Many adventures with Mario and YouTubers start when dopplegangers start showing up every few journeys, causing a scare issue. Mario and co. also save the Star World many times from Mastar, Cosmicalitaurus and others, as well as journeying to Ztarragus's Island!
  • 2010: The heroes learn the Doppleganger's truth after the return of Igiul.   
  • 2011: The Doppleganger war reaches full force as the Dark Star X takes over the world and the Light Star X was found, later they all fought, the dopples where sent to Dimension X and the two stars merge back into Star X. SMG4 arrives on the community.   
  • 2012: The heroes travel to the Fourth Dimension to defeat Dimentio, who survived due to storing himself in Dimension D, but was defeated. The Blooper Stoppers attack the YTR and it's reveiled their leader was Ztarman3, and was defeated by Starman3. Clawdeender invades, the Mushroom Kingdom  
  • 2013: The heroes go to save the Star World again. The Emigas attack the Dimensional Cycle, Starman3 is exposed as an Anti-Hero. 
  • 2014: The heroes return o the Fourth Dimension to collect Rainbow Shards, Pinkolol16 defeats Vindimka, Kiddy The Dragon breifly appears, Shroomwood is founded. 
  • 2015: The community starts to crumble and, due to fights with iJosh64, The Minish LAN permanently leaves Shroomwood. IJosh63 attacks with the Ristoo Empire.  

Future Edit

  • Unknown: R.O.B. takes command of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • 2121: The Mushroom Kingdom now has many technological differences, and even innescapable jails and a time travel cannon
  • 2121: Mario gets launched there by MM54321 for a video from 2007, and gets arrested for speeding, spending a week in jail and later escapes by firing himself out of the Time Cannon.
  • 2030: ROB is overthrown and the Mushroom Federation reigns

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