OK, for certain movies I'm, I mean we all, are going to need soundtrack, for one thing my theme, and I know I use a lot of Star Wars stuff, well, going to, anyway, will be a 8-Bit remix of this:, I think it's heroic, I also heard Dylan say we should create our own music, and I think that's a great idea, and I think many people do too, so, as for as making new music and a list of songs to remix for Shroomwood projects below, in ANY fashion, is there anybody who would like to volenteer for it.

List of songs

The one I listed earlier, plus:

And, if possible, the Main theme for Minecraft, another Star Wars song called "Padme's Plea", Super Smash Bros. theme (Brawl), and half the songs MM uniquely used for BTTFD.

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