The "YouTube" Trilogy is the trilogy of movies by Schm2000.

Description Edit

The movies center around Schm2000 and friends going around the Dimensional Cycle being terrorized by the Clawdes and the Emiga Gang.

In War of YouTube, the Clawdes planned an invasion, but failed. In Rise of YouTube, it was Emiga's attack on the kingdom with the help of everyone's nemisis. While the battle never ended, both of the leader Emigas were forced to leave. In Fall of YouTube, the war continues on with Xario's existance as leader of the Death Trappers is revealled, Clawdeender is the new "leader" of Death Trappers, Death Trapper 63 is on a death hunt, and the Wither seeks to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Shroomwood is also formed in Fall of YouTube.


  • War of YouTube! (Finished)
  • Rise of YouTube! (Finished)
  • Fall of YouTube! (In making)